Iphone camera roll photostream duplicate

2020-02-22 04:40

Dec 15, 2016 iTunes is storing the synced photos separate from the Camera Roll, and you can only delete them by syncing again. If you transfer your new photos from the iPhone with My Photo Stream, and then include photos that are still on your iPhone into the albums you are syncing with iTunes, you will create duplicates on the iPhone, because they are kept separate.Dec 12, 2017 Difference: Camera Roll VS My Photo Stream VS iCloud Photo Library. As an iPhone user, you may be often confused to use My Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Library and Camera Roll on your iPhone. Like this, sometimes, when you deleted a photo from Photo Stream, but photo on both Camera Roll and Photo Stream are gone. iphone camera roll photostream duplicate

The first one is the photo ROLL. This is created by the iPhone, and this is where pictures you have taken or saved from applications on the phone are stored. They can be manipulated and deleted. The Second directory is the 'imported from PC' directory, and this is read only. You cannot modify these directly from the iPhone.

How to Remove Duplicate Photos on an iPhone with TunesGo iPhone Transfer. Step 2. Remove duplicate photos from iPhone Click Photos on the top of the main window, you can see photos are saved in different folder: Camera Roll, Photo Stream, and Photo Library. Click each folder, select the duplicate photos, and click Delete to remove them. Jun 16, 2014 You're snapping away photos with your iPhone, and see it save to Camera Roll and Photo Stream. Find out what the difference is between these two features. iphone camera roll photostream duplicate

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