Zelkova live stream

2020-02-20 04:41

Zelkova As majestic and exotic as its name seems to imply, the Zelkova is distinguished by its glorious rounded silhouette and its rich seasonally hued foliage, rendering it a spectacular shade and ornamental tree What distinguishes the lovely Zelkova? Proud andJapanese Zelkova is a tough urban tree for residential shade and street plantings. It has a spreading, generally upright branching, vaseshaped habit. The crown is shorter and more rounded than the American elm. The bark is a smooth, reddish brown when young with prominent cherrylike lenticels. zelkova live stream

Zelkova is a genus of six species of deciduous trees in the elm family Ulmaceae, native to southern Europe, and southwest and eastern Asia. They vary in size from shrubs (Z. sicula) to large trees up to 35 m (115 ft) tall (Z. carpinifolia).

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