Convert httppostedfile to memorystream

2020-02-24 01:14

Cannot convert HttpPostedFileBase to Byte[ Ask Question 5. I have a controller that takes in a HttpPostedFileBase (a. jpg or. png, etc. ). public ActionResult ImageData) code memoryStream is always empty by the time imgData is invoked, so imgData ends up being null as well.2) MemoryStream. Length Gets the length of the stream in bytes. Qustions: 1) If the descriptions are the same why am I getting so different values (25 and )? 2) What is the proper way to get ContentLength from MemoryStream (or base64 image rather) so that I convert httppostedfile to memorystream

I'm using an image component that has a FromBinary method. Wondering how do I convert my input stream into a byte array HttpPostedFile file byte[ buffer new byte[file.

Is it possible to convert a byte[ to a HttpPostedFile? objFile fileData; where fileData is a byte array of an image, gives a can not be implicitly converted error . Aug 13, 2005 How to convert HttpPostedFile to FileStream Hi there, I want to read Httppostedfile directly into FileStream without saving it to the disk. as Httppostedfile is already in stream format, I don't want that file to be saved and again read from the disk to FileStream. convert httppostedfile to memorystream Sep 11, 2012 I am using Asynchronous File Upload Control MyImage is a HttpPostedFile. always converts to same data byteData New

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