Fb.ui stream.publish properties

2020-04-01 21:00

1 Answer. Alternatively to all this, you can use the dialogs API to create a post and show it to the user, and have them approve it or disapprove it. This does not require the stream. publish permission. Something like this (the example given in the FB. ui API docs): FB. ui(These dialogs include: The Share Dialog allows someone to post a link or Open Graph story to their profile. The Login Dialog allows someone to use Facebook Login to grant permissions to an app. fb.ui stream.publish properties

Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. facebook stream. publish. I'm making a facebook app and using stream. publish to share something on a wall. However for the 1) attachemnt link, and the 2) the FB UI action link, when I click either, it will load the page in the same browser window.

Method for triggering dialogs with Facebook as iframe dialogs or popups. Examples: publishing to the stream, sharing links, sending friend requests, etc I'm using FB. ui to post to a Facebook user wall. However, I am uncertain on which parameters to use to post to a Page or Application wall. Any links? I am trying to post to the Page wall as that page, not as the user's account. . Code to post to user account: fb.ui stream.publish properties FB. ui: stream. publish post to wall issue. A lot happened in 3 hours. I recommend to hire ajay devgan for car wash. Nana patekar was rocking as usual in his unusual style. Take him out and your movie experience may deterior. Ranbeer got a nice role of ARJUN, and he

I am using facebook publishStream method in Facebook FBML Application, some other developer worked on it before me. I am using it some thing like this Shirt Tale. fb.ui stream.publish properties

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