Black ops 2 live streaming not working

2020-04-04 02:45

Mar 08, 2013 Best Answer: Open Black Ops 2, go to multiplayer, go to public match, go to live stream, sign into youtube, agree with terms and conditions, the there will be an option to turn on live streaming but your Tv quality must be 720p or higher to live stream. and you must have 10 viewers watching your stream before it goes live. Good luck.Live Stream Set Up in Black Ops II Facebook Twitter Email Print To use the Live Stream option, you will need a YouTube account (Twitch is no longer supported). black ops 2 live streaming not working

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's eyecatching live streaming function works on console, Treyarch has said. Treyarch demoed the feature to press at a special event last Monday with a number of iPads

Nov 13, 2012  One of the fanciest new features in Black Ops 2 is the ability to live stream your title direct via YouTube in real time. During our review event this ability was demonstrated to us and while it really is a gimmick its a nice one that could be great for showcasing big matches. Sep 02, 2018  i have xbox live gold for my xbox one it works fine. . i play black ops 2 backwards compatible xbox 360 version on it. . the xbox live wont work and i dont know why it says its my connection but my black ops 2 live streaming not working Jan 27, 2013 Live stream problem. Unlimited DVR storage space. Live TV from 60 channels. No cable box required.

Nov 12, 2012 Black ops 2 multiplayer not working (PS3)? Black ops 2 online not working? Answer Questions. Should I buy this Playstation? How do i deal with ps3 xploder ultimate edition update request? What do you think of the PlayStation Classic? How do I connect my controller to my PS4? I went to my dads house and connected my DualShock 4 to his ps. black ops 2 live streaming not working Apr 20, 2013 I stay stream each and every of the time and function executed a lot of diagnosis and tried many element. you somewhat will desire a capture card to allow human beings to be heard at the same time as stay streaming. Jul 14, 2013 i cannot get live stream to work, my youtube account is linked with elite, from way back in mw3. i also enters the code blops told me to do. when i go on my youtube account i can see blops2 has access to it, however when i go into league games or any other and click live stream, i then select youtube from the list. from there it just conastly sits on the connecting to youtube screen? i left it My livestream on Black Ops 2 for PS3 is no longer working. I tried to livestream, it allowed me to for short periods of time for like two days. Now whenever I try to, it doesn't let me at all. Both

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